Can you please help us?

EMpowered people need volunteers to help make our new and exciting charity a success.
The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for our organisation to exist and to help change the lives of people with disabilities by helping to give them back independence, fun and health benefits that are attributed with cycling.

EMpowered people need your support:

Throughout this year we have several exhibitions and cycling challenges which will be high profile for our charity and this will give us a greater opportunity for fund raising which in turn allows us to help many more deserving cases.
As a volunteer you will be part of a truly inspiring charity, seeing the joy of our beneficiarys complete challenges and achieve their goals.

If you feel that you can offer your services to EMpowered people for any of the above mentioned positions, or provide a service that we haven’t thought of, then please do not hesitate to contact us through any of the contact details on the "Contact Us" page or by completeing the form below.

Many thanks to everybody who has helped in setting up the charity and to all the fund raisers to date.
EMpowered people is a not for profit organisation


Registered Charity No. 1153703