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In search of the perfect bike

Getting on a bike always makes us feel happier – there’s something about the spin of the pedals that lifts a glum mood to a happy mood in a short space of time. Of course it’s not always easy finding the right bike…

I was introduced to EMpowered People via social media whilst looking for a cycling group. After ‘chatting’ with Simon Lord, I went along to one of the group’s taster days in Burnley; at this point id never really ridden an adult bike and certainly not to the degree that these guys do, so I was rather alarmed to be put on a very large bike (I later called it The Beast) and told to ride round the car park only to be informed “You’ll be fine”. It really was that simple. As soon as I’d done a couple of laps I felt my confidence growing and was more than happy to join some of the guys as they cycled around the nearby lanes. After that I was hooked.


I managed on The Beast for a while but it was a large bike and too heavy for me and the particular style I’ve adapted to cope with stopping and getting back on again, wasn’t doing my back and shoulders any good. So it was a good day when EMpowered People said they had acquired smaller, niftier bike if I’d be interested. I was. This one was not only smaller but it could fold up too and it was lighter than The Beast.


A couple of years down the line an several falls at home, creating a new set of physicality’s to cope with, meant that the LBB (Little Black Bike) was no longer a better option. So began the hunt for a new bike. But by this time I had learned a lot about bikes and had some very specific requirements: low step through, foldable, throttle, larger wheels and a longer-lasting battery. I spent many months attending events and cycle shows, hooking up with local cycle shops, travelling to Birmingham and Wales in search of the right bike. Whilst all the bikes I saw were lovely, there were usually some significant drawbacks such as too high, too big, too difficult to manage or light-weight and perfect in every other detail but not electric –I need the power to enable me to bike for any length of time and to help me up hills and get away quickly.


I shared my frustrations with the EMpowered team and was delighted when they advised me that they thought they’d found the perfect bike for me. The Wisper was everything they promised and more.

Whilst the wheels are not as large as i would have liked and it’s still a heavy bike, some adjustments to the seat and a sensor in the pedal mean that I can literally ride like the wind. In the short time that I’ve had Jet, as I have named him, I have cycled 96 miles, in two days, around Anglesey on the EMpowered World Tour of Anglesey and just a week later, I took part in the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool Bike Ride – I completed the section from Chester to Liverpool which included approximately 2.5 miles through the Mersey Tunnel, all on my own and I have the medal to prove it!

Eileen Morgan (empowered rider)






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