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2 new Pinnerello Nytro Ebikes supplied to Martin and Paul


New Year and  two new bikes for our empowered riders, but this time you would be hard pushed to spot they were e-bikes at all.

Here is Simon to introduce the Pinnerello Nytro…

Don’t need to power? no problem remove the battery and motor in seconds!

Even though the weather was not at its best in West Yorkshire, Martin braved the cold and went for a quick blast in the hills.

Having had a quick ride I can say the power delivery is very smooth and extremely quiet.  The fact the bike weighs in at only 13kg in e-bike form, is really noticeable. the 250W motor feels like it has much more power, and as there is next to no drag as soon as you are up to speed you hardly need any additional power until you reach the hills and the torque sensor kicks it to give you that extra push.

Sram Force Hydralic brakes front and rear gives plenty of stopping power

You really have to look for the motor and almost everyone who has seen it has been surprised when we mentioned it was an e-bike at all.

Unlike most conventional e-bikes,  the Nytro has a very simple display and control box (right-hand side of the bars) This shows battery power via an array of LED’S that reduce in number as the battery depletes. The colour of the LED’s changes from green(eco), Blue(normal) , Red (sport) modes by selecting the up and down power buttons.

All very simple and slick!

We look forward to testing both bikes on our up and coming rides.

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