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Building the second ‘bike train’ Part 1

In this post we will begin the process of adapting a Hase Kettwiesel hand trike, over to Simon to explain the plan…

The first step is to get the foot position correct and comfortable. The Kettwiesel has very flexible independent footrests.

We found adding extra foam was needed to even out the pressure on the side of Simons’ foot. Some pipe lagging did the trick.

Next, we look at how we can lock the steering. When under tow the front forks must remain locked or the tow arm will tend to force the steering fully to the left. We need to lock the starring boom and also stop the front forks from turning.

Martin fashioned a simple bracket to mount the existing steering arm from the front brake mount (With no front wheel we don’t need a front brake). We will revisit this later but for today we need a quick way to lock it for a test ride.

Next, we checked how the hand cranks connected. After a little disassembly, we could see it uses a standard square taper crank setup all be it much longer offset hand cranks, not pedal cranks.

The plan is to replace the bottom bracket or should that be Top bracket? with a Bafang BBS02 motor, the use of standard square taper cranks should hopefully make that possible. I have seen Crank drive systems on other trikes before but I don’t think I have ever seen one on a hand-trike?

Time for a test ride. Let’s see how Andy and Simon get on…

So a successful first day of modifications.

Next time we will look at strengthen up the fork lock mechanism and mount the tow arm on the lead bike as we were testing today with Neil’s bike from the original Bike train.

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