We had a lovely visit today from Glenys with her extremely well loved trike ‘Bob’. Bob is now in the workshop for a well deserved service and upgrade, so in the meantime to keep Glenys on the road we are lending here the Charity trike ‘Delta’.

First we need to adapt it for her specific needs. Glenys rides with a prosthetic right leg and as a result uses a shortened crank on that side to minimise the movement. In the below video we show how this was achieved on ‘Bob’ and how we plan to account for this on Delta.

One of the challenges of moving a trike  is finding a suitable carrier that works with your own vehicle!

Glenys arrived on a wet and still quite icy day, so we quickly moved inside to look over and compare here trike.

Over to Simon and Glenysto explain.

After a little adjustment Delta is ready for a test ride.

The next morning Glenys joined Simon and Andy on the their ‘Bike Train’ for a quick wintery ride up in the Calderdale hills.


IMG_3842 (1)



3 comments on “When Bob met Delta

  1. Graham Sherwood

    Love the photo of Simon looking like a naughty school boy that’s been caught with his hand in the biscuit jar!!


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