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York to Jupiter (via Selby)

York to Selby circular social ride from Cycle Heaven

On Sunday 16th September Empowered people riders were invited to join up with riders from York to participate in the “cycling to freedom” ride organised by Jamie Wood and the York Cycling Campaign – a celebration of freedom for disabled cyclists.

We started from Cycle Heaven, a fabulous cycle shop/cafe housed in a renovated cotton mill, where we could all socialise and have refreshments before our ride.

A varied range of bikes were ridden by old friends and new, e.bikes, e.trikes, recumbent and bike trains. Some bikes have been specially adapted to accommodate the disability of the rider.

The ride was fully supported with a service vehicle for refreshments and capacity to take riders and bikes in the event that a rider was not able to complete the course and there was a support rider riding alongside each disabled rider.

We cycled the York to Jupiter Planetary route, starting at Cycle Heaven and riding on a mixture of quiet roads and cycle routes. Crossing over the River Ouse on the Millennium bridge towards Middlethorpe. After about 9 miles we had a service stop and refreshment provided by York Cycling Campaign in a lovely little glade in the woods

– fully rejuvenated we rode onwards to Selby,

The half way point of 17 miles and we lunched in the square near the Abby, where once again we caught up with old friends and got to know new friends.

Most of the next 17 miles on the homeward stretch we rode on the Planetary cycle route which was a bit bumpy in parts, but then what would you expect when you are passing Mars to Earth Jupiter to Mars and the Sun to Mercury and some symbolic tree routes in between.

It was a great opportunity to meet new people and to enjoy a new cycle route, and there were lots of smiling faces during the whole of the ride. Support and encouragement was given to those that needed it in order to facilitate the rider to complete the ride and as always the care given by the support riders was excellent.

The cycling time was approx 4 hours in total and 34 miles later we finished our ride back at Cycle Heaven where a welcome brew was available.

Everyone was in high spirits after a thoroughly excellent ride and will be looking forward to doing it again next year.

Glenys Roberts
(Empowered Rider)

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