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EMpowered people – Introduction

EMpowered people is a registered charity. Our aim is to be an organisation that will enable all adults with disabilities, from all backgrounds regardless of gender, race or level of ability, to improve their health and wellbeing through cycling and other activities by providing the correct tools, support and encouragement, thus enabling them to achieve their personal targets. We also aim to help change some public preconceptions about disability and promote the potential of all persons of restricted abilities.

The medical proof shows that an active person will maintain greater independence and a healthier lifestyle. Our belief is that this is crucial for mobility impaired people. Non-impact exercise such as cycling, coupled with the correct assistance, training and equipment, will improve a person’s health and well being.

EMpowered people will use the power of cycling to dispel misconceptions and help educate others to understand that some of the major limitations on a disabled person are those that society puts upon them. The able-bodied do not always see what can be achieved.


EMpowered people will bring together a group of people who have been affected by disability and allow them to show what a group of individuals with professional training, modern inclusive cycles, and the correct help and support can achieve. With our help, disabled people can reach horizons and goals that seemed insurmountable.

Disabled people throughout their lives have had to adapt and make changes to fulfil their personal objectives. EMpowered people will strive to help make achieving objectives happen by allowing them to prove that, although they have a disability, this does not preclude them from being part of society and when given the right tools and direction produce great results.

Show the Ability and not the Disability.

The charity organises and runs cycling events. Selected riders of varying disability take part in these organised events throughout the year. A personalised training programme brings disabled riders endurance up to a level that will see the EMpowered team ride in various prestigious events throughout the UK. The EMpowered team consist of a group of individuals who have been brought together by their love and passion for cycling and are united through the use of the word DISABLED. They are ordinary people who have had to adapt their lives on a daily basis and are ready to prove what can be achieved. These will be inclusive and fully supported rides for people who are over eighteen years of age and have a message to give in proving that they can be included no matter what their disabilities.


Simon Lord, the founder of the charity, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1986. He is now recognised for his quest in promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle. With the use of a Pedal Assisted Electric Cycle, he has proven that cycling allows him to improve his health, gain freedom and independence and become involved in social and sporting events that able-bodied people take for granted.

Options for your consideration

When you analyse the benefits of cycling, either using an assisted E-bike or a manually powered cycle, it can promote the ability to be your own independent person with a sense that you can achieve great things


You accept being ‘imprisoned’ at home or being pushed around in a wheelchair.

Is there really an option?



EMpowered people Pushing through Boundaries

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