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Great Glen Gathering Reccie

Next year we are planning a fantastic multi day ride in the highlands of Scotland, in order to make sure everything runs as expected and the route is fully accessible the chaps have gone on a quick 3 day reccie to plan the final route. Here is Simon with a quick overview of what can be expected.

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Are you interested in Joining us on this trip?

Keep an eye on the events for next year and we will provide more details as soon as we have finalised the plan!

Hi, I am one of the trustees of Empowered people. As well as looking after this website, I am also an ebike builder, modifier, hacker, and general bike mechanic. I have been involved with the Charity since 2015 and participate in as many rides as I can with my wife Catherine on the 'Bike Train' if you look around the website you are sure to find me in the background somewhere.

1 comment on “Great Glen Gathering Reccie

  1. Glenys Roberts

    I’m getting very excited already, just looking at your photos and watching the recci on Strava – can’t wait to join you on this one x


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