Press Release

Covid 19 Update

Due to the increasing Pandemic which is now in a second phase throughout the region and the Country, the Charity has had no option than to cancel all of the programmed events which were planned for this year. This will include all Social rides and Taster days.

So far this year we have had to cancel four major cycling rides, numerous Social rides, and our official Opening of our new EMpowered people All Ability Cycling Centre. The loss of these events have had a major financial effect on the charity, the additional cost of trying to arrange an event that is consequently cancelled is effecting the ability of EMpowered people to continue.

Over the last six months from the introduction of the Covid 19 Lockdown the charity has found various ways to help and support our Community from making PPE face shields, Cargo cycle delivery of food to vulnerable and isolating people within the Borough, and adapting and producing cycles which have been retro fitted with electric motors and other modifications to help keep our EMpowered riders active and independent.

At this current time it is impossible to forecast any future plans for the charity and we can only operate on a reduced service support basis.

Contact by telephone: -07702784916
or by email:-

As soon as it is possible we will announce future events for a 2021.

Please stay safe and let’s hope that we can get back together soon and start to enjoy EMpowered people events

Simon Lord
Chairman Trustee EMpowered people

(Photo from 2016)

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