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Mike’s new custom e-bike

Just a quick follow up from Mike now he has had an opportunity to take his new Magnificent machine out for a few rides..

“When I injured my back at the beginning of last year thought I would never be able to cycle again. I had great plans to get out and see Yorkshire without having to use a car and thanks to Empowered people I can now do that. Thank you Simon and Neil  so much for building my new electric bike you have done a fantastic job.

Very best wishes Mike”

For mikes transformation we started with a standard Marin Mountain bike and replaced the wheels and gears.

The front cranks bottom bracket were removed and replaced with a Bafang BBS02 Mid drive motor, we added a dropper seat post so Mike can get onto the bike easily with both feet on the ground but later stand up on the pedals and flick a switch to have the seat go up to its top position.

Also to bring the handlebars up to a more sat up riding position in addition to the adjustable stem we added a stem riser which added about another 600mm onto the stem height, this was to help with mikes Back issues.

the battery was attached firmly using some customer 3D printed mounts and uprated Disk and hydraulic rim brakes added to give  mike confidence in stopping when descending.

All in all a unique small mountain bike frame with a unique sat up and comfortable riding position.

Photo. Mike and his new bike ready for his next cycling adventure in the beautiful Calder valley.

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