Using a Hailong battery on a BH Emotion Ebike

We currently have three separate BH Emotion Ebikes in the charity. That have been a fantastic reliable ebike for many years. They all are used heavily to tow other Recumbent trikes in what we call ‘Bike train’ configurations. In total We have 6 batteries that in effect are interchangeable between bikes as they all use the same custom curved style

One disadvantage of towing with thease bikes is the reduced range you can get from a single 11.5Ah battery is in the region of 20-25miles depending on terain. so on our longer rides we can often need 2 or 3 batteries for a ride. We therfore were on the lookout for one or two more batteries to add to the stock.

unfortunately due to BH bikes stopping production of the ‘Neo’ range of bikes several years ago there are no new battery stocks avaliable and even old dead batteries are very hard to come by. There are a handfull of companies who still sell recelled batteries but ask arround £700 -£800 delieverd! being a Yorkshire based charity we like to try other options first 😉

We have successfully re-celled one battery in the past, and this is still working great to this day, but we had a dead battery case to use which are still very difficult to find even on the 2nd hand market.

So this time round we wanted to try something different….

We have had a lot of success with low cost Hailong generic E-bike Batteries on recent builds. like on Brian the Cargo Bike…

These are much more cost effective at around £200 – £250 depending on cell types. and would be a great option for the emotion bikes if only they would fit….

So lets build an ebike adapter!

First I made a accurate 3D model of the Emotion Battery weird dimensions using Fusion 360

Then use this as the basis to design a adapter cage..

I decided to add stability and strength to add a solid steel bar through the middle. This also helped me split up the adapter into 4 parts for printing as well as give me a little adjustment to fine tune the size of the adapter to take up any movement. Once printed the bar was gluded into the plastic pieces using epoxy glue.

The nice thing about it being an adapter is you can still remove it and put in a standard emotion battery. to actually get power through I added an XC 60 connector to the controller power wires so either the original battery connector or the adapter would power the bike. It is stick quick to unplug and swap batteries as needed.

So far the new battery has performed perfectly in its role and at 13Ah is actually giving a little more range than the original ones at a fraction of the cost. We also have extra hailong batteries for other bikes which gives us more flexibility on longer rides by standadising the spares we can carry.

1 comment on “Using a Hailong battery on a BH Emotion Ebike

  1. I used to have a BH emotion, at the time it was miles better than any other e bike I tried. I recently sold it (12 years on) and now have a BH atom brose cross s hybrid – which is a mouthful, great too but just even better 👍
    The article is really interesting, I’ll let the chap who bought my old bike know about it as the battery isnt what it was.
    I wonder if you might be able to print another adapter like the one you have?


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