Well things may have been looking a little quiet down here at Empowered people over the last few weeks but rest assured even though we are unable to meet up for any events or gather down at the hub we have been spending the time working on multiple e-bike projects as well as spending the time further sorting out the Workshop space.

One of our latest Additions to the Empowered people fleet was very kindly donated by Kyle Martyn-Clark in Hebden Bridge. A handmade cargo bike that we have cristened ‘Brian Escargot‘.

Simon and I went to pickup the Bike from Brian on a dark November night so we could not really see Brian in all his glory until we got him back at the hub.

I have to say he rode great even though the components are all a little old.

However as we planned to use him to help out with local Deliveries in the valley we were keen to give him some help in the form of a Bafang e-bike mid motor upgrade, as well as a full services and upgrade of the drive chain.

Keeping track of the new parts is easy with a cargo bike!

So first job remove the cranks and install the Motor and battery. To install the battery I took the decision to mark out and drill 4 new mounting points and added 5mm rivnuts into the steel frame. This gave us a very sturdy mounting point for the battery and I decided additional 3D printed mounts were not needed in this case, but I may return to this later when we have more time.

The old bottom bracket and cranks came out without any issue and the Bafang BBS02 motor fitted extremely easily. all in about 30 mins to fit the motor and battery must be a a record!

As you can tell the rear mech is still the old style 6 speed and did not really have the range of gears we would need for the bigger hills so I decided to convert it over to 8 speed using a stock wheel I had that I converted over to a solid axel for the horizontal dropout frame) and a new 8 speed Sram derailleur.

I also replaced the V-brakes and cables to give him better stopping power.

At the same time I added a new fat 2.2inch Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tire to cope with the more cobble roads we have here in the Calder Valley. Without any form or suspension running this at a slightly lower pressure was well worth it.

next i wanted to shorten the stem as the reach was a little far and a more satup riding position helps stability for heavier loads. So out with the quil step and in with a quil adapter and shorter stem.

He has already done his first delivery round and other than a small issue with the extremely short seat post , oops sorry Amanda! , he is performing well.

Long term we hope to use him on our social rides as a support bike that can carry both spare batteries for our riders and a set of tools and maybe even refreshments 🙂 so Watch this space.

But thanks again Kyle for such a generous Gift to the charity he will be well loved!

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